4 de outubro de 2006

Illustrator CS2 Tutorials - Mirror

1. Create a new documento with standard size (800x600) using pixel unit and RGB color;
File > New ...
2. Paste your site screencapture in the artboard (Print Screen SysRq );
3. Resize the imagem proportionally for 400x300;
Object > Transform > Scale
Shift + F8 and add the value 400 widht and 300 height
4. Select the Imagem and Add the Effect 3D rotate;

Effect > 3D > Rotate
3D Rotate Options
Add those value;
X: -18º (Red Arrow)
Y: -26º (Green Arrow)
Z: -8º ( Blue Arrow)
Perspective: 0

5. Duplicate the imagem;

Drag the image in a diferente position and hold the Alt key when release.
6. After the imagem was duplicated reflect then in the axis of X;
Object > Reflect;

Select X Axis Radio buttons, and press ok;r>

7. Create a gradient rectangle above the mirrored image;
- Use the rectangle tool (shortcut M) and create it above the mirrored image;
- Fill the rectangle with the grantdient on
swatches and use the Gradiente Tool (G), to adjunst the grandiente.

8. Create a Opacity Mask;
- Select both objects (mirrored imaont>gem and gradient rectangle);
- Go to Transparency tool box (
Shift + CTRL + F10)
- Click on right side arrown sign on the image for a red stroke and select the option Make Opacity Mask.

9. Configuring the Opacity Mask
- Select the Option Invert Mask;
- Select the Gradient Opacity Mask Option like the red stroke on the imagem;
- Go to Gradiente Option and Configure like you want, more black less reflect.

I think with that you can explore the possibilities

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